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Free Lessons 1 – 3

1. Ordering Drinks

Ordering Drinks in Chinese- Greeting in Chinese, inviting someone to sit down, ordering drinks to go, thanking, counting to five, saying good-bye.

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2. Chatting in Chinese

Chatting in Chinese- Talking about where you are from and your job. Responding to a compliment.

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3. Making Phone Calls

Making Phone Calls in Chinese- Asking who someone is, identifying yourself, apologizing, asking people to repeat or wait. Thanking, exchanging numbers, and counting to ten.

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4. Filling out Forms

Filling out Forms in Chinese- Asking for name and identification numbers. Asking how to say something in Chinese. Likes and dislikes. Using social phrases.

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5. Telling Time

Telling Time in Chinese- Asking about time, talking about schedules and daily activities. Responding to offers of help. Polite responses.

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6. Arranging Dates

Arranging Dates in Chinese- Arranging days, times and places to meet for special activities. Making and responding to invitations by accepting and declining.

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7. Daily Schedules

Talking About Daily Schedules- daily activities, days, and times. Asking what something means.

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8. Discussing Dates

Discussing Dates in Chinese- Talking about schedules, plans, birthdays, and personal characteristics. Language teaching and learning.

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9. Socializing

Socializing in Chinese- making introductions, and showing interest. Family and professional relationships. Feelings and characteristics.

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10. Getting Around

Getting Around in Chinese- Discussing addresses, directions, spatial relationships, and leisure activities.

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11. Daily Shopping

Daily Shopping- Buying daily necessities, stamps, medicines, and drinks. Money.

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12. Getting Service

Shopping for Services in Chinese- Getting a haircut, buying clothes, and ordering food. How to bargain. Introduction to China's most popular dishes.

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