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Terms of Agreement

  1. I agree to use each lesson to its fullest, which means:
    1. Practicing the free pronunciation guide once before every lesson.
    2. practicing the new vocabulary and example sentences before beginning the lesson. Printing and cutting out flashcards, if necessary.
    3. listening to each dialog in its entirety three or four times.
    4. clicking the line of each dialog and practicing that line intensively.
    5. clicking on role of the dialog and holding a mock conversation with the other role, and then switching roles.
    6. practicing each activity two or three time until 85% mastery
    7. practicing different roles of the dialogs once more.
    8. reviewing the vocabulary and example sentences once more.
    9. generally, I will practice each lesson until I am fairly comfortable with it before I move on.
  2. I agree that use of these tools is limited to my use only for the time allotted by Mandarin Click by Click.
  3. I agree that I will not copy any part of these lessons except the flashcards.
  4. I agree that I will not copy in any form any part of these lessons for resell or sharing, and that if I am found doing so, I accept legal and financial responsibility for any loss caused to Mandarin Click by Click for the damages done.
  5. I agree to use the Chinese I learn with as many Chinese people I meet. I will express appreciation for the kindnesses shown to me. I will be accepting of differences and bring joy to as many people as possible, without, of course, wearing myself out or coming off as a Pollyanna.
  6. I also agree to master the use of chopsticks by the end of my studies with Mandarin Click by Click.
                                                                                                              Once you pay for this course, you agree to these terms.




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